Choice Home Warranty – Complete Review


Choice Home Warranty – Complete Review


Choice Home Warranty – Complete Review


Sharon Clark

Home Warranty Editor


  • Aaffordable warranty plan
  • Free first month
  • No required home inspection
  • Expert and dedicated personnel
  • Plans for real estate professionals
  • 100% transferable contract
  • Easy to navigate website
  • 24/7 customer support availability


• Cases of denied claims

    What Do People Say About Choice Home Warranties?

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    Overall, the best home warranty services I have come across! Right from the executives to the technician, I have had only a good and polite experience with the executives. My washing machine stopped working and I had to file a claim. The executive immediately registered the claim and gave me an appointment for the next week. The technician came right on time and fixed my washing unit. They had to replace a small part in the machine and surprisingly they already had it in their truck. He spoke to the contractor and took the approval for the replacement. Overall, the process went by very smoothly and I was really impressed.

    John Tacone – CHW
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    Estoy muy agradecido con mis amigos por recomendar Choice Home Warranty para mi nuevo hogar. Son absolutamente geniales, asequibles y ofrecen una gran opción de cobertura. Elegí su plan más grande para cubrir mi casa y he ahorrado mucho dinero en reparaciones y reemplazos a lo largo de los años. Los técnicos y contratistas que trabajan con ellos también son dignos de elogio. Son educados y geniales con su trabajo. Durante los últimos 2 años que he estado asociado con CHW. Ojalá me hubiera asociado con ellos antes.

    Gabriel Santos – CHW
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    I am really grateful to the CHW team for being considerate and sorting the problem with my heating pump in just a day’s time. The company responded to my request in just 2 hours and let me know that they will send a technician to check and repair the heating unit. They also asked me for an appropriate time to come for the repairing.

    I was really impressed to find the technician arrive in time, the following day. He checked the heating system thoroughly for the fault. He found the problem and described it to me while he continued fixing the unit. I am really thankful to him and the Choice Home Warranty team for having such an amazing team of technicians.

    Tessa Fullbright – CHW
    Rhode Island