Choice Home Warranty – Complete Review Choice Home Warranty – Complete Review

Choice Home Warranty – Complete Review

Choice Home Warranty

Appliances and home systems become more susceptible to breaking down as people continue to use them. Home warranty contracts cover repair and replacement costs for home systems and appliances. A warranty plan protects homeowners from unexpectedly high costs of repair service.

$50 0ff + 1 month free


A home warranty is different from homeowners insurance. Homeowners insurance covers items that are damaged by hazards and natural disasters such as flooding, fire, and wind. A home warranty, meanwhile, covers damage caused by ordinary use or natural wear and tear.

Choice Home Warranty offers an inclusive warranty plan for homeowners. The company aims to provide simple and quick solutions, expert service technicians, and great value for money to homeowners.

Choice Home Warranty was first established in 2008 with headquarters located in Edison, New Jersey. It is one of the fastest-growing home warranty companies in the United States. For more than a decade, it seems that the home warranty company has been achieving its goals to provide satisfactory service to their clientele. This is evidenced by the huge number of positive reviews on different review websites.

The company has answered more than 3 million service requests and covered more than 1 million houses across the United States. Their network of at least 15,000 contractors also spans nationwide.

Effective In 30 days
Hours 24/7
State Coverage 49 states
Cancellation $75
Basic Plan $420
Deductible $60
Limits $500-$2000
Special Deal $50 off + 1 Month Free



β€’ Aaffordable warranty plan
β€’ Free first month
β€’ No required home inspection
β€’ Expert and dedicated personnel
β€’ Plans for real estate professionals
β€’ 100% transferable contract
β€’ Easy to navigate website
β€’ 24/7 customer support availability


β€’ Cases of denied claims



ITEM Coverage Limit
Ductwork $500 per contract term
Electrical $500 per contract term
Heating $1,500 per covered item each contract term
Plumbing $500 per contract term
Pool/Spa $500 per contract term
Septic system $500 per contract term
Septic tank plumbing 200$


Get 1 Month Free + $50 Off

Cost of Choice Home Warranty

Choice Home Warranty plans are an affordable choice for homeowners. The company offers policies that start at $43 a month or $495 a year. Choice Home Warranty has a $30 surcharge fee for monthly payments. This makes the annual payment option more affordable in the long run. The average fee for service technicians affiliated with Choice Home Warranty is $60. Other companies charge an average of $75 to $125 for their service fee.

Free First Month and No Required Home Inspection

Choice Home Warranty offers the first month for free when you purchase a single payment home warranty policy. The company also runs promotions often. When homeowners apply to get a quote, they can get a chance to win appliances.

Choice Home Warranty does not require a home inspection when you enroll in any of their warranty plans. However, it is still a good step to get your home systems and appliances inspected to ensure everything is in good working condition. Take note that Choice Home Warranty plans will not cover repairs or replacement for items with a pre-existing condition.



Expert and Dedicated Personnel

Sometimes, the process for filing a claim could be very tedious and frustrating. In huge home warranty providers, several service requests are handled by a clerk from a big department. With Choice Home Warranty, homeowners are assured that they are working with a team of dedicated experts. Two or three representatives will answer the service requests to efficiently and swiftly respond to home repair needs.

With Choice Home warranty, their team is involved in carefully processing the claims. The customer service representatives can answer any questions and concerns that should arise. When a scheduled service is delayed, Choice Home Warranty technicians are required to provide an estimated date of completion to their customers. The customer is constantly updated regarding the service that they requested.

100% Transferable Contract with Extensive Coverage

Choice Home Warranty contracts are renewable every year and are 100% transferrable.A Choice Home Warranty plan starts 30 days after you sign the contract. The coverage will continue for 365 days. If the homeowner currently has warranty coverage from a different provider, they can choose to start the Choice Home Warranty plan after their old contract expires. Customers can send proof that shows there are no lapses in the warranty coverage.

Choice Home Warranty has two different warranty plans. Similar to other home warranty companies, Choice Home Warranty offers a basic plan and a total plan that has more inclusions. The Basic Warranty plan covers basic appliances including oven, dishwasher, built-in microwave, cooktop, and garbage disposal as well as home systems such as heating, plumbing, electrical. The Basic Plan costs $495 a year or $43.75 a month.

Get 1 Month Free + $50 Off

The Total Warranty Plan covers all the home systems and appliances included in the Basic Plan with the addition of an air conditioning system, refrigerator, clothes washer, and clothes dryer. This plan costs $600 a year or $52.50 a month.

Choice Home Warranty also offers optional items that homeowners can add to their plan. These include pool, spa, central vacuum, septic system, a second refrigerator, stand-alone freezer, well pumps, and septic tank pump.

Below is a complete list of the home systems and appliances covered by the Basic Plan.

β€’ Heating system
β€’ Plumbing system
β€’ Electrical system
β€’ Water heater
β€’ Plumbing stoppage
β€’ Cooktop
β€’ Stove
β€’ Oven or range
β€’ Built-in Microwave
β€’ Dishwasher
β€’ Garbage disposal
β€’ Garage door opener
β€’ Whirlpool bathtub
β€’ Ceiling fans and exhaust fans
β€’ Ductwork

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$50 0ff + 1 month free

Plans for Real Estate Professionals

Choice Home Warranty provides different packages and plans that are aimed at real estate professionals. A home warranty plan is a safeguard against unexpected expenses for the repair and replacement of appliances and home systems. Buyers, as well as sellers, can have peace of mind when making a transaction.

A home warranty can also add more value to a property and provides confidence to buyers when negotiating prices. This helps real estate agents sell properties at their maximum price. Having a home warranty plan can also provide customers more satisfaction when purchasing their house. It helps settle the deal quicker when both sides are satisfied with the details of the transaction.

Easy to Navigate Website and 24/7 Customer Support Availability

The Choice Home Warranty website is easy to use and contains helpful resources on what the company can provide to their customers. The warranty company website has different sections for homeowners, real estate agents, buyers, and sellers, and contractors. This makes it easy for different types of customers to navigate their website and find relevant information.

Their website also has a blog section that contains extensive information about warranties which is constantly updated. Their Frequently Asked Questions page lists the most asked questions and concerns. It is easy to find at the main navigation so customers can easily access the information.

Choice Home Warranty provides excellent customer service by having an online account center and toll-free phone number for their customers. Homeowners can submit claims or a service request using any of these two channels. They are also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



Cases for Denied Claims

When signing a contract with any warranty provider, it’s important to always read the fine print. Homeowners who own old appliance models should take note if their unit has a pre-existing condition which could exclude it from warranty coverage. For Choice Home Warranty, their policies do not cover home systems and appliances that have a pre-existing problem, whether unknown or know. They also do not cover breakdown due to abuse, misuse, failing to clean or maintain their appliances and home systems.

Most home warranty plans, including Choice Home Warranty, will cover the repair and replacement of appliances and systems if the damage is caused by ordinary and normal use. Even old models of appliances, as long as they are in good working condition, can be included in their warranty plan. Read the details of the contract which of your appliances would be covered and which would be excluded in the warranty plan.

How Does Choice Home Warranty Compare?

Feature Select Home Warranty Home Shield Choice
Annual Premium $629-$699 Varies Starts from $495 per year
Number of contractors 10,000 15,000+ 15,000+
Home Inspection Required Yes No No
24/7 Claims Yes Yes Yes
Workmanship Guarantee  β€“ 60 days Lifetime
BBB Accreditation C (Not Accredited) B (Accredited) Not accredited


What Do People Say About Choice Home Warranty?

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$50 0ff + 1 month free

Bottom Line

Choice Home Warranty is a trustworthy company with a good reputation. They have competitive prices for their warranty plans and other services. This is in comparison to other highly rated home warranty providers. Their different warranty plans offer comprehensive coverage for homeowners. They also have a team of expert and dedicated representatives to respond to customers’ claims, questions, and concerns. The customer support team is also available 24/7 so homeowners can reach them any time of the day.

It is not rocket science why Choice Home Warranty gets raving reviews from their customers. They do not require a home inspection to enroll in a warranty plan, and they offer the first month for free. The company has made it extremely stress-free to get a home warranty plan. Homeowners achieve peace of mind knowing that they are protected from unexpected and costly repairs or replacements.

If the customer cannot afford to pay the annual cost upfront, Choice Home Warranty offers monthly plans that cost less than $60 per month. Choice Home warranty offers optional items that you can include in your home warranty coverage. This allows homeowners to tailor their warranty plans to their specific needs. The affordable prices of their warranty plans make Choice Home Warranty a great option for homeowners of every budget.

Aside from homeowner, real estate professionals and contractors can also take advantage of Choice Home Warranty services. Real estate agents can sell properties at higher prices and gain the confidence of their buyers when a house is covered by Choice Home Warranty. Service contractors can get a rise in the number service calls when they join Choice Home Warranty’s vendor network.

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