Select Home Warranty Review Select Home Warranty Review

Select Home Warranty Review

Select Home Warranty

Whether you are a homeowner, seller or a realtor, choosing a good home warranty service can greatly help you look after your property without putting a hole in your pocket. With almost all your home systems as well as appliances covered by your chosen home warranty company, you never need to worry about your old appliances or your home systems.

Monthly Premiums Start at $35


Select Home Warranty is one of the most widely purchased home warranty services in USA, loved widely for its warranty plans, prices and services.

Top10HomeWarrantyExperts analyzed every important detail about Select Home Warranty to help our customers choose the best home warranty service for their home. In this review, let’s learn about the various facts that prove Select Home Warranty is the perfect choice for you.

Effective In 30 days
Hours 24/7
State Coverage All except  NV, WA, WI
Cancellation $75
Basic Plan $429
Deductible $60
Limits $500-$2000
Special Deal $150 off + 2 Month Free

Select Home Warranty – At A Glance

  • Company name: Select Home Warranty, LLC
  • Established in: 2012
  • Service Fee: $60 to $75
  • States Covered: Covers every state in USA, except  Nevada, Washington and Wisconsin.

Get $150 Off + 2 Months Free


Accessing Select Home Warranty is extremely easy. Customers can access the website for details and place a claim. Customers can also be reached through various mediums such as Facebook, YouTube, company website and its several affiliate websites. The company is just a call away and offers its services during regular business hours. However, you can always reach out to the company via their 24/ 7 customer services.

The company accepts claims online as well as on the phone 24/7. Customers get 3 days to submit a claim, a time period that is comparatively above the average industry period. Almost all other home warranty services allow just 1 day to their customers to make their claim.




During non-emergency cases, Select Home Warranty dispatches its services or technicians for repairing appliances or system in 48 hours (on regular business days) after the claim is registered or within the first four days during a weekend or holidays.

The company has 75 employees and works with almost 10,000 contractors across the 46 states in the country.

What Appliances And Systems Does Select Home Warranty Cover?

We rated Select Home Warranty a good 9.8 out of 10 and also named it as the company with the Lowest Deductible. The company’s affordable plans, free roof leak coverage and wide availability in the country makes it one of the most preferred warranty choices for homeowners.

Get $150 Off + 2 Months Free


  • Free roof leak coverage
  • Extra Discounts to customers with multiple year coverage plans
  • 90 days repair guarantee


  • Low coverage caps
  • For multiple repairs, you may get charged multiple fees when the company sends a technician
  • Doesn’t offer services in states like Wisconsin, New York, Nevada and Washington.



ITEM Coverage Limit
Ductwork $500 per contract term
Electrical $500 per contract term
Heating $1,500 per covered item each contract term
Plumbing $500 per contract term
Pool/Spa $500 per contract term
Septic system $500 per contract term
Septic tank plumbing $200

Get $150 Off + 2 Months Free

Select Home Warranty – Plans and Coverage

Select Home Warranty offers its customers 3 exclusive home warranty coverage plans, namely: Bronze Care, Gold Care and Platinum Care.

Bronze Care Plan

The bronze care plan covers almost all major home systems such as heating and air conditioning systems.

  • A/C Cooling
  • Ductwork
  • Electrical System
  • Heating System
  • Plumbing System
  • Water Heater

Gold Care Plan

The Gold Care plan covers your basic home appliances such as dishwasher and refrigerators that function each day to make your life easy and comfortable.

  • Cooktop
  • Dishwasher
  • Garbage Disposal
  • Built-in Microwave
  • Refrigerator
  • Stove/Oven
  • Clothes Washer
  • Clothes Dryer

Get $150 Off + 2 Months Free

Platinum Care Plan

The Platinum Care plan is the perfect amalgamtion of both the previous plans and covers all the items in both Bronze and Gold care warranty plans.

  • A/C Cooling
  • Ductwork
  • Electrical System
  • Heating System
  • Plumbing System
  • Water Heater
  • Cooktop
  • Dishwasher
  • Garbage Disposal
  • Built-in Microwave
  • Refrigerator
  • Stove/Oven
  • Clothes Washer
  • Clothes Dryer
  • Garage Door Openers
  • Plumbing Stoppages
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Monthly Premiums Start at $35

Optional Add-ons

Apart from these basic coverages, Select Home Warranty also offers add-on coverage on specific equipment’s against an extra monthly fee. You may include the following:

  • Plumbing Fixtures
  • Lighting Fixtures
  • Pool and Spa Equipment
  • Switches and Outlets
  • Sump Pump
  • Well Pump
  • Stand-alone Freezer
  • Second refrigerator
  • Refrigerator ice maker
  • Lawn Sprinkler System
  • Septic System Coverage

Get $150 Off + 2 Months Free

However, it is highly suggested that you read the terms and conditions carefully for your service contract before you sign the warranty contract with the company. This will help you determine the pre-existing conditions and the coverage caps related to each of these items. Also remember that Select Home Warranty is the only company that covers roof leaks without any extra added costs.

All coverage plans include service call fee or deductibles that are to be paid to the technician for every claim registered. Select Home Warranty has a service call fee of $75. The amount is comparatively lower than Choice Home Warranty and American Home Shield.

However, here are 4 important things that you must consider before signing a contract with Select Home Warranty.

  • All the appliances and home systems in your home must be in perfect working condition, especially on the date of service contract. This is a standard requirement for all home warranty companies.
  • Select will not cover an appliance or system with defects or pre-existing conditions caused due to prior malfunctioning.
  • If the inspection company finds a defect in an appliance or malfunctioning system before the transfer of the ownership, the said condition will be considered as a pre-existing condition and will not be covered by the company under its contract.
  • All appliances and systems with manufacturer’s warranty or the distributor’s warranty will not be covered under your contract with Select.

Also, make sure to note down the time duration of your warranty. Most companies offer you 12 months of contract an automatic extension for an additional 12 months. Every single time you purchase an annual coverage, Select will offer you 2 months Free coverage based on their current promotions.

In under any circumstances you do not wish to continue your contract with Select, the company offers you 30 days cancelation time.

Get $150 Off + 2 Months Free


Cost of the services offered by Select Home Warranty are comparatively much lower. Select customers end up paying around $36 every month in comparison to other home warranty plans of companies that charge somewhere between $40 and $60.

Bronze Care Plan Cost – $35.83 monthly fee

Gold Care Plan Cost – $35.83 monthly fee

Platinum Care Plan Cost – $37.50 monthly fee

Service Fees

Select Home Warranty charges its customers around $60 to $75 as a service fee for the fixing the registered claims. However, the final cost of the service fee depends on your location.

Note: Although these rates are accurate, we suggest you request a quote from the company based on your location, the house and the coverage plan you choose.

Coverage Caps/ Limitations

Customers of Select Home Warranty must provide an yearly maintenance and cleaning records for the covered items. The company may request you for 3 prior years maintenance details. Failure to provide these records will lead to per appliance or system cap of $150. For the HVAC system the cap is $2000 while the appliance cap is $500. However, if you choose the Freon coverage, the cap will be $250. And lastly, for all the additional coverage options, the replacement or repair allowance is $400.



User Reviews

We collected complaints and checked the ratings provided by more than 4000 users to determine whether Select Home Warranty is really the best or not. We also compared the complaints and ratings with the other companies and came to the conclusion that Select Home Warranty indeed scored higher than all other home warranty companies.

There were very few customers who reported about repair delays, claim denials or a communication problem. Customers were much happier with the services they received from the Select Home Warranty contractors for their work and professionalism.


Select Home Warranty is a highly trusted company. Our research team closely analyzed the company’s services, claims, complaints and user reviews before we finally came to our verdict. We checked the customer reviews on multiple sites such as Google Reviews, Yelp and the Better Business Bureau.

Market Comparison

Select Home Warranty Vs American Home Shield

Both companies offer 24/7 coverage to their customers at a fairly similar price. They both have a wide network of contractors to help the settle the claims registered by the customers. However, American Home Shield gets a little more expensive due to its coverage levels and plans. It has a basic trade service fee of $75 which increases to $125 to keep the monthly price low. On the contrary, Select has a trade service fee range of $60 and $75 which is entirely based on your location and not the plan you choose.

Select Vs Landmark Home Warranty

Both companies offer multiple warranty plans to their customers along with an add-on option to include appliances and systems that are otherwise not included in their system. Select covers almost every state in America, except Washington, Nevada, Wisconsin and New York, while Landmark covers only 6 states in America (Utah, Texas, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona and Idaho). Select also offers a better guarantee period to its customers (90 days) while Landmark offers only 30 days guarantee period.

How Does Select Home Warranty Compare?

Feature Select Home Warranty Home Shield AFC
Annual Premium $629-$699 Varies Varies $395
Number of contractors 10,000 15,000+ Wide Network, Can Use In-Network Or Out Of Network Contractors
Home Inspection Required Yes No No
24/7 Claims Yes Yes Yes
Workmanship Guarantee  – 60 days Lifetime
BBB Accreditation C (Not Accredited) B (Accredited) B (Accredited)


What Do People Say About Select Home Warranty?

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Monthly Premiums Start at $35

Bottom Line

Select Home Warranty is a very successful home warranty company. In fact, it has taken the home warranty market by storm in a very short time. The company has earned a great reputation amongst homeowners, buyers, sellers and realtors. It is one of the largest and most prestigious home warranty companies in the market today.

The home warranty plans offered by Select are simple, user-friendly and offer great coverage. You also have the option to include add-on services into your plans based on your requirements at very reasonable rates. Moreover, it offers Free Roof Leak coverage under all their plans.

Select’s terms and conditions are comprehensible and clearly stated for the better understanding of the customers. One read and you will have a clear understanding of their fee structure, the terms and conditions, cancellations and coverage.

Get started now, visit Select.

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