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Our dryer suddenly started giving out a burning smell and was not drying clothes. Select Warranty was really quick in dispatching a mechanic. They worked according to my schedule, explained the issue to me and left only after I was fully satisfied.

Emma Scolts – Select
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Used choice for the first time and I am very pleased with the quick response. The local service company was also quick to respond to my request. Being late Friday afternoon, I called to set up an appointment on Monday. They came out early Wednesday and checked my AC. It is now keeping me cool, Yay!
I have had other Home Warranty Companies in the past and Choice surpasses my expectations.

Anna Appelbaum -Choice
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Overall, the best home warranty services I have come across! Right from the executives to the technician, I have had only a good and polite experience with the executives. My washing machine stopped working and I had to file a claim. The executive immediately registered the claim and gave me an appointment for the next week. The technician came right on time and fixed my washing unit. They had to replace a small part in the machine and surprisingly they already had it in their truck. He spoke to the contractor and took the approval for the replacement. Overall, the process went by very smoothly and I was really impressed.

John Tacone – CHW

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