First American Home Warranty Review


First American Home Warranty Review


First American Home Warranty Review


Sharon Clark

Home Warranty Editor



  • Comparatively lower monthly fee
  • Offers termite Coverage
  • Fixed service-fee rate
  • Services offered to Arizona, California and Nevada


  • Doesn’t extend services to 14 American states
  • Offers only 2 plans
  • Additional costs for air conditioning coverage
  • Doesn’t include roof leaks and mold damage

What do people say about First American Home Warranty?

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I have been with other home warranty companies earlier and so, I definitely understand how pretentious they can be! However, Amazon is a very genuine company that listens to their customers and takes instant action to resolve the claims. We had a problem with the heating system and the contractor who was assigned by Amazon Home Warranty visited us just 1 day after I made the claim. He quickly identified the error in the furnace motor fan and replaced it with a new instalment within just a week’s time. Additionally, he also cleaned and repaired the seal leaks and dirt deposits that had weakened the motor at a reduced rate (particularly because these items were not covered by Amazon).

Audrey Benjamin -AHW
Miami, Florida
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Amazon… Amazing!

Being a realtor, I have been dealing with home warranty companies for a long time. And this is why I really wanted to write this review for amazon.

They are quick and they are very responsive! I faced a problem with my sink drain and made a claim on the phone with an Amazon representative. Within just 2 hours, they had already sent me an email with the needed information about the plumber and the date for the service.

Just 2 days later, I had my sink fixed. No false promises, no lies and no waste of resources. The company definitely listens to their customer’s problems and tries its best to resolve them. Amazon is a very reliable company and associate with professional contractors who make sure that your claims are resolved in the fastest time possible. I definitely recommend it to all homeowners looking for a good home warranty solution.

Darryl Cross -AHW
Atlanta, Georgia
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I started my policy with Amazon just 5 months ago and I am absolutely enjoying their services. Both my dishwasher and refrigerator stopped working together, almost a week apart from each other. I find myself lucky to have joined Amazon Home Warranty as the company took care of my claims right away.

It’s good that I decided to check about the company’s background and services before joining it and Amazon has definitely proved that they are the best and most competitive company in the market. Also, one feature that I really enjoy about Amazon is that they allow us to talk to our favourite representative who not only knows me but also remembers my claims. This makes the association more personal and respectful.

Kiaan Patel – AHW