The 5 Best Home Warranty Companies The 5 Best Home Warranty Companies

The 5 Best Home Warranty Companies

The 5 Best Home Warranty

January 04, 2022

The 5 Best Home Warranty Companies for Heating and A/C Units

Air conditioning and Heating units are the two most important and constantly functioning systems in a home. During summers and winters, we all love to stay inside our home, safe and comfortable in the pleasant temperatures perfected by the home AC and heating units. No wonder, there are times when these units get overworked and need to be repaired or replaced leading to sudden unexpected costly expenses. But, with the help of a good Home Warranty company, you can easily get through these expenses without paying much from your own pocket.

Home warranty is a contract service that covers up the total cost of repairing or replacing the damaged home systems or appliances in your home. In return, you pay an annual fee or a monthly fee to the home warranty company and they send a technician to repair or replace the damaged appliance or systems after you make a claim to the home warranty company.

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Do All Home Warranty Plans Cover Air Conditioning And Heating Units?

The air conditioning and heating systems are two of the most important home systems in a house. No wonder, almost all home warranty companies offer coverage to these systems under their different home warranty plans at different costs. Some of these plans include the heating and a/c units while some plans don’t offer coverage. Also, there are certain occasions when the a/c or heating systems are not covered although they are included in your chosen warranty plan.

Thus, it is important that you check the details before choosing a home warranty plan and make sure that your plan covers all the essential home warranty systems as well as items for you. So, make sure to ask for a sample of the home warranty plan that you choose before committing to it.


When Are A/C And Heating Units Covered Under Your Home Warranty Plan?

In most common cases, the air conditioning or heating units are covered by all home warranty plans when they unexpectedly stop working due to over-time use and damage of spare parts.

When Are A/C And Heating Units NOT Covered Under Your Home Warranty Plan?

Your home warranty company may not cover or refuse to repair your a/c or heating systems if

  • You have not regularly maintained the a/c or heating systems
  • They have rare wear and tear in their parts
  • Not been installed appropriately
  • A pre-existing situation

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Is It Good To Get A Home Warranty Plan?

The air conditioning and heating systems are two of the most important systems in our homes. They are like a necessity in our everyday lives. And when they stop functioning, especially during the chilly winters or hot summers, you are forced to shell out a huge part of your savings to make sure they are repaired and functioning perfectly. However, repairing or replacing a part of your a/c or heating unit can be a really expensive matter. But, with the help of a good home warranty company, you can get your heating and a/c units repaired against a small fee amount, no matter what needs to be repaired or replaced.

As a result, it is certainly extremely convenient to invest some of your finances in buying a good home warranty plan that covers some of the most important home systems and appliances.

What Are The Steps To File A Claim With Your Home Warranty Company?

If you want to file a claim for a broken appliance or system, follow the given steps:

  1. Choose a home warranty company that suits your requirements. Also check their plans carefully.
  2. After you have purchased a home warranty plan, you can call them on their customer service number or contact them through email to file a complaint for a damaged or broken appliance or home system.
  3. Once your claim has been registered, the home warranty company will send you a licensed technician at a suitable time to check the claim and repair the unit or appliance.
  4. Once the technician arrives to repair your system or appliance, you will be charged a small service fee (differs from company to company).
  5. The technician will repair the item or order for a replacement for free.


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Claims and Repairing Costs

Every home warranty company offers a different home warranty plan and a different coverage for appliances and systems. Based on their differing needs, homeowners choose plans that suit their requirements best. However, the monthly fee of most of the most basic home warranty plans costs around $30 and $50, whereas the annual amount costs around $300 to $600.

Also, most of the companies charge a basic service fee of $60 to $75 for every item or claim filed. This service fee needs to be paid to the contractor who comes to repair or replace the damaged unit or appliance.

Top 5 Home Warranty Companies Famous For A/C And Heating Unit Services

Here is a list of the top 5 home warranty companies that offer excellent A/c and heating unit coverage to their customers.

Choice Home Warranty


  • Offers 100% transferable home warranty plans that you can pass on even if you decide to sell your home before your warranty period expires
  • First month of the plan is Free
  • Rated highest for its plans, cost and customer service
  • Offers a 24/7 customer service
  • Ideal for homeowners, realtors and landlords.


  • Doesn’t cover commercial items or systems
  • Doesn’t cover certain items due to rusting issues or high power flow

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Select Home Warranty


  • Great offers! $100 Off on your purchase + 2 months Free on all their home warranty plans
  • Offers clear idea about the warranty limits
  • Offers online chat assistance to the customers
  • Allows you to make claims whichever is the most convenient way for you.
  • Ideal for people looking for affordable warranties plans but a comprehensive coverage.


  • Doesn’t cover previously repaired items
  • Offers a limited coverage value of 3 months.

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First American


  • Offers extensive sample contract on the website for all users to view. This includes limitations, plans, coverage, buyer responsibilities, claims, etc.
  • Covers issues such as rusting, corrosion, sediment, improper maintenance, pest control, etc. in a few selected locations.
  • Offers listing coverage for all sellers.
  • The sample policy also features elements that are not covered by the warranty plan.
  • The company is known for fast services. They report the repair jobs to their service contractors within just 4 hours of filing the claim during business days.


  • Has a higher service fee of $75 per item (average fee in the industry is $60)
  • Certain items such as ice crushers, ice makers, beverage dispensers, etc. will only be repaired or replaced when the new parts are available with them.



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Total Home Protection


  • Quick and comprehensive coverage at reasonable rates.
  • Offer pre-screened and licensed professionals to their customers.
  • Offers monthly and annual plans that can fit into any household budget.
  • $50 Discount + Free first month
  • 24/7 customer support service (live chat)


For a more detailed information about the company, their plans and prices, you will have to dig in deeper into their website.