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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


Mentioned below are the Terms and Conditions that govern our website and the services offered by us to our users and all other people who interact with our website, top10HomeWarrantyExperts. By entering our website and accessing our website, you automatically agree to all our below mentioned Terms and Conditions.


We at Top10HomeWarrantyExperts, understand the importance of your privacy and have hence, designed our platform’s Terms and Conditions to ensure that you know about our revelations on how you can use Top10HomeWarrantyExperts for sharing information and how we use your provided content and details in our platform. We request you to carefully read the Terms and Conditions mentioned here and use it carefully to make wise home warranty decisions. We do not share, give away or sell your delicate information to other outsider third party companies. Every single information collected by our website is kept securely by us. We offer you the needed opportunity to delete any or all your information from our platform whenever you demand.

Reporting Abuse

– Any and every content published on our portal automatically becomes the rightful property of Top10HomeWarrantyExperts. If you wish to use our content or try and copy or re-post any part of our content, we request you to kindly take our permission.

– Everything from logos to trademarks that are seen on our website are the rightful property of different owners. Every available details on our website is lawfully copyrighted by Top10HomeWarrantyExperts, unless it is specifically mentioned. Any data duplication done without our consent will be considered as treachery and theft of data, and the needed permitted actions will be pursued.

Intellectual Property

– Top10HomeWarrantyExperts holds every right to remove any data posted by its users, if it’s believed to be offensive, abusive or threatening to other users or if it is deemed to have violated the Copyright law followed by Top10HomeWarrantyExperts.

– If under any situation you feel that our website has mistakenly deleted any content posted by netizens like you, we will righteously give you a chance to make an appeal for it.

– Posting any document that describes your identification is absolutely prohibited. Such sensitive, personal and financial details should be kept secured at all times.

– When using Top10HomeWarrantyExperts, you are prohibited from sending soliciting or commercial messages to other users without their approval.

Protecting the Rights of other Users

– Top10HomeWarrantyExperts requests you to report to us if in any case you see any data or information on our website that according to you might be violating our Terms and Conditions. Also please bear in mind that reporting about such violating content will however not guarantee that the data will be removed from platform.

– Top10HomeWarrantyExperts requests you to report to us if you receive any soliciting messages or have been tagged by our website lacking your permission.


The scores and rating are solely based on the different set of factors that are obtained from external sources, the original company website and their policy.


Top10HomeWarrantyExperts may probably be an affiliate with any of the mentioned companies that have been reviewed on the website.

Terms and Conditions

Following mentioned are the Terms and Conditions in agreement between Top10HomeWarrantyExperts and our users that further supersede all prior agreements.

1. If in any condition, the mentioned Terms and Conditions is non-enforceable, then all the remaining terms and conditions will be in full effect.

2. If in any condition we are not able to enforce the given Terms and Conditions, it will however not be considered as an abandonment.

3. Top10HomeWarrantyExperts holds every right to revise the mentioned Terms and Conditions in discretion, without giving any prior notice to its users.

4. Under these mentioned Terms and Conditions, you cannot transfer your responsibilities or rights to other users without our permission.

5. We will strictly follow the laws and nothing mentioned in these Terms and conditions will prevent us from doing so.

6. The mentioned Terms and Conditions are not applicable to any third party websites or companies.

7. When accessing or using the services offered by Top10HomeWarrantyExperts, you must follow all the related laws.

8. Top10HomeWarrantyExperts is a platform that offers its users proper guidance and helpful advice to choose an ideal home warranty service. The company is however not lawfully qualified to provide any legal advice to its users. The company exclusively mentions that any advice you find on the website must not be deemed as a legal advice.

9. Every detail mentioned on the website is exclusively projected only for entertainment and educations purposes and not with the aim to assist any sort of illegal activities.

10. Top10HomeWarrantyExperts can change its Terms and Conditions in discretion for whatsoever reason without providing a prior notice to its users or followers. In case of a dispute, the company’s decision about the content and the changes will be considered as the verdict.

11. Top10HomeWarrantyExperts or any of its employees, directors, affiliates, officers, sponsors, advertising, subsidiaries media partners, other related agencies or agents will under no situation be accountable to you for any of the following mentioned conditions: Torts, contract issues, any kind of loss, damage or negligence, caused due to any whatsoever reason whether it is caused due to direct or indirect relation for any amount, even when the website has been notified about the recurred damage or loss by you.

12. At Top10HomeWarrantyExperts, we try our best to keep the website safe and bug-free. However, you may use the website services at your own risk. We provide the services without implied or express warranties that are not restricted to mentioned purchase warranties, non-infringement and appropriateness for a specific purpose. We at Top10HomeWarrantyExperts do not guarantee that the website is safe, error-free or secured at all times or that the website will function without imperfections, delays or any kind of disruptions. Top10HomeWarrantyExperts will not be responsible at all for any action, third party data, content or information and will not hold into account our website, board or directors, employees, officers and our agents for claims made against known or unknown damages caused from your connection with third party companies. The website will not be held responsible for lost profits, incidental, consequential, indirect or special damages caused in connection with this statement or Top10HomeWarrantyExperts, despite the fact that we had priorly advised all possibilities of damages. The list of relevant laws may not let limitations or exclusion of responsibilities or substantial or secondary damages, thus all the above exclusions or limitations may not be applicable to you. In these conditions, Top10HomeWarrantyExperts’ responsibility will be strictly restricted to the complete limit allowed by the applicable law.

Advertiser and Publication Disclosure

1. Top10HomeWarrantyExperts team works round the clock to keep its website information up-to-date and accurate for its users.

2. The information seen on Top10HomeWarrantyExperts may vary from the information you see on the main service provider’s website. The data changes from state to state.

3. Top10HomeWarrantyExperts will not be held liable for any associated third party services, recommendations, reviews, products, endorsements, etc.

4. Top10HomeWarrantyExperts keeps its data direct and accurate. The company doesn’t believe in manipulating its data for making financial gains. Most of the content listed on Top10HomeWarrantyExperts is taken from the official service provider’s website, consumer review reporting websites and company representatives.

5. The website offers superior placements to all its advertising partners.

6. The company has great home warranty giants as its advertising partners. These include, Choice Home Warranty, Select Home Warranty, Total Home Protection, America’s First Choice Home Warranty, Liberty Home Warranty and Amazon Home Protection.

7. The website receives due compensation from these advertising partners after users sign-up from our website for their services.

8. Irrespective of any financial engagements (past, current or future), the rankings of each of these companies is calculated and based on a set of grade criteria in addition to real user reviews.

9. Top10HomeWarrantyExperts is a geo-targeted website that may cause an impact on how a website’s ranking appears to a user.

10. Words like “Top” or “Best” must not be considered as product ratings and are strictly subjected to the company’s Terms and Conditions.

11. The website does not or in fact cannot present any details of all home warranty provider or every home warranty offer open in the market.

12. Top10HomeWarrantyExperts requests you to read the Product Disclosure statement offered to you by the home warranty provider. Always look out for external financial advice along with a proper personal financial position before making any decision to buy a home warranty service.