Common Issues For Bathtub and Shower Cleaning Common Issues For Bathtub and Shower Cleaning

Common Issues For Bathtub and Shower Cleaning

Common Issues For
Bathtub and Shower

January 07, 2022

Each bathtub and shower needs special care when it comes to maintaining them, regardless of whether they are cleaned regularly or if it’s time for using a little elbow grease. Since these are two parts of the house that are used the most and daily, it is only obvious that some grime is going to deposit. You can reduce this growth of grime by following a few steps. You can also follow some hacks to get your shower and bathtub look as good as the day it was fitted.

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Keeping Your Showers Clean

If the showers are cleaned regularly, maintaining them won’t be too difficult. The regularity in cleaning is important because with time, there will be a deposit of grime or even mold. Some easy steps can be followed for regular cleaning of the shower to make it hassle-free.

• If you are used to taking dirty baths, or giving your pets a wash, or if you happen to wash some clothes which have runny dye, it’s important to take the adhesive bath tread in case you haven’t, already. This helps prevent bath stains.
• Before taking a shower, always make sure to turn the exhaust fan on or open the window. The shower curtain needs to be contained inside of the bathtub. Also make sure that if you splash water out of your tub, there is way for it evaporate. This can lead to the growth of mold or grout around the tiles.
• Most importantly, make sure that after every shower, you remove the hair in the drain. If this is not followed as a routine, it may eventually lead to some serious draining issues.


One can also follow the commonly practised habit of applying bathtub wax for keeping it more manageable.

Best Hacks For Shower Cleaning

Sometimes the deposit of grime cannot be prevented even if you clean the shower regularly. Do not get confused with the range of cleaning products available in the market. Just try to keep them organic and simple that could work for your bathtub and not end up damaging it instead. Follow these two hacks for an easy clean-up of your tub:

• Water and baking soda: baking soda will act like a paste to help loose debris which you can easily scrub away with soap scum.
• Vinegar combined with dish detergent: easily available at home, the vinegar from this combination applies acidic coating and the dish detergent will remove the grease.

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Clogging of bathtub drain is a pretty common problem. This indicates that it’s time to clean the tub really well. If the tub is not clogged but still it won’t drain, it could mean that there is a way deeper clog in the drain. You can get a drain snake for seeing if there is any debris or hair to be pulled down. If the problem of draining or standing water still continues, you can place a claim.


Maintenance Of Showers And Bathtubs

Apart from regular cleaning, there isn’t a lot of other maintenance required for showers and bathtubs. Showers are most vulnerable to mold growth, so it’s important to check the areas that can facilitate its growth the most. Loose tiles or cracks could be vulnerable the most, so make sure that you have them sealed using caulk. In case of a bathroom door that slides, you should dry it down and clean the cracks from in between for prevention of mold and rust. In fact, drying down the tub and the tiles could seem like a lot of work, but it will reduce the risk of mold significantly.

For other plumbing problems like breaks or line leaks in the water, drain, vent lines, or waste, a claim can be placed. You can also do the same in case of other problems with flushing, toilet tank, or toilet bowl, or anything related to risers or angle stops.