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Home Warranty And Home Insurance

Home Warranty And
Home Insurance

March 27, 2022

Your own house, your own small heaven! Buying your own house is a dream almost every one of us dreams about. Not only is it one of the most cherished achievements of one’s life, but also one of the most financially critical investments made. You put in all your hard earned savings into purchasing your beautiful heaven. And this is one reason why it is extremely important that you protect this asset perfectly with the help of the warranty and insurance services that are available in the market.

Both these policies give complete protection to your home, thus providing you absolute peace of mind. The best part being, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on home/ appliance repairing in case an emergency strikes. But, did you know that both these services are different from one another? Although they almost sound similar, they are entirely two different services that protect your home and your invested money.

Read on to understand how a home warranty and homeowner’s insurance policy differ from each other.

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Home Warranty

Coverage – All your Home Appliance and Home systems

– A home warranty system protects the different appliances and home systems in your house. However, this doesn’t protect your entire home, but covers most of the pieces inside your home that may need replacement or repairing. For instance, if one of your home system or appliances breaks down, your chosen home warranty plan will cover the replacement or repairing expense. So, if your air conditioning system stops working, then your home warranty plan will cover the repairing expense. And if you need a new air conditioning system, the company can help in the cost.

– A good home warranty company protects all your basic home appliances such as dishwasher, washer and dryer, electrical system, cooling and heating system, garage door, garbage disposal, etc. For additional coverage of appliances such as swimming pool, hot tub, spa, etc. you can choose add-on options to your home warranty plan.

– Almost all home warranty plans last for 1 year which can be renewed every year based on your needs. In return for their services, you need to pay an annual coverage fee that is similar to an insurance premium, and a mere $100 service fee for when you make a claim for repairing your systems and appliances.

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Home Insurance Policy

Coverage – Protects house during disasters and losses

Like home warranty, home insurance is a necessity in today’s time and if usually needed by most mortgage companies. Almost all homeowners purchase home insurance policies right from the moment they buy their home and renew it annually every year.

What you need to understand here is the fact that a homeowner’s insurance policy is very much different from that of a home warranty plan.

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– A home insurance policy will protect your property, your home and you from any loss or disasters. For instance, your home will be protected against fire, storms, natural calamities or even theft. There are some home insurance policies that offer protection against accidents and also vandalism.

– A home insurance policy also protects both, your home’s exterior as well as interiors, also including your personal possessions. In short, it provides protection to more items than your appliances and systems. For instance, if there is a theft in your house and your personal valuables such as TV, computer or jewellery go missing then your homeowner’s insurance policy will protect you by replacing these possessions or simply paying you a compensation worth that of the lost items. Similarly, if there is a fire at your place, your homeowner’s insurance policy will help you recover your lost items.

– In return for their services, your homeowner’s insurance expects you to pay a monthly or annual premium amount that is worth just a couple of hundred dollars. The amount depends mostly on factors such as the cost value of your home, the neighbourhood and also your deductible.

Home Repair – Home Warranty vs Home Insurance

By now you must have understood the basic difference between Home warranty and Home insurance. A home insurance protects against disasters and accidents while, home warranty protects against the everyday wear and tear of items and their regular use.

As a result, you must choose both your policies wisely and after a proper understanding of each. By choosing them both, you can provide double protection to your house without making a hole in your pocket or breaking into a bank. For instance, your home warranty plan can help repair a leaking pipe, but if the leakage has caused damage to an entire section of your plant, then a home insurance policy will cover this damage.

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Also, based on your needs you can increase or decrease the coverage offered by your home insurance policy or the home warranty plan on the systems and appliances used in your house.

Research Before You Choose

Is home warranty really worth it? That is one question that most new homeowners worry about. Well, even if you already have a home insurance for your home, buying a home warranty can be really helpful mostly because a home insurance policy doesn’t cover certain disasters or damages that are related to home systems and appliances.

Also, if you wish to avoid unwanted expenses on repairing or replacing appliances and systems in your home, a home warranty plan can help you save your hard earned money. All you need to do is just pay a very minimal annual fee for all their services.