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Cinch Review

Cinch Review

Cinch Home Services offer their services all over the country, except for Alaska and Hawaii. The prices of their premium services may vary per state. For example, in California, it starts at $335.88per year while in New York, it goes up to $1,163.88.

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Overview – Cinch Home Services


Cinch Home Services offer their services all over the country, except for Alaska and Hawaii. The prices of their premium services may vary per state. For example, in California, it starts at $335.88per year while in New York, it goes up to $1,163.88. Aside from the usual clean and go set-up of other home services, they also include coverage of rust and corrosion damage and pre-existing conditions. Scheduled repair runs within 2-24 hours, and a 180-day service guarantee. The costs of their service were a bit higher than those of other home services.

Let’s enumerate the positive and negative sides of Cinch Home Service


  • They include covering rust, corrosion damage, and pre-existing conditions.
  • A 180-day service guarantee
  • Schedules repair services that run 2-24 hours


  • Their services were not available in Alaska and Hawaii.
  • Their offered services were a bit more costly than most of the other home services.

Available plans of Cinch Home Services

You can choose from three subscription plans of Cinch Home Services. They have an appliance plan that will cover most of your appliances inside your home starting at $27.99 per month. If you want a plan that will cover your home systems, you can choose the Built-in System plan that starts at the price of $32.99 per month. But if you want a total package that will cover both your home appliances and home systems, you can choose the joint plan of Appliance and Built-in System plan which is most popular. The Complete Home plan starts at $39.99 per month. The good news is new customers would be able to enjoy the first two free months of Cinch Home Services.

These are the covered items under the Appliances plan

  • Dryers and washers for clothes
  • Cooktops
  • Dishwashers
  • Built-in food centers
  • Ranges
  • Range exhaust hoods
  • Refrigerators
  • Built-in trash compactors
  • Wall ovens

These are the covered items under the Built-in System plan

  • Air Conditioner (including the ductwork)
  • Fans on the attic
  • Fans on the ceiling
  • Central vacuums
  • Doorbells
  • Electrical system
  • Automated garage door
  • Garbage disposals
  • Heating system (including ductwork)
  • Hot and cold water dispenser
  • Plumbing system
  • Smoke detectors
  • Sump pump
  • Toilets
  • Water heater
  • Built-in whirlpool/jetted tub

Two covered items that can be seen on both home service plan

  • Air Conditioner or water filter credit
  • Water sensor

One excluded covered items for both plans

  • Homeowners insurance deductible reimbursement

Elective Add-ons

If you want to acquire additional coverage for your home, you can check out these offered services.

  • Swimming pool and/or spas.
  • Septic systems
  • Pumping of well
  • Premium package upgrade

For the premium package upgrade, it costs $2000 of its coverage annually. Cinch claims that their customers can pay $1000 separately if there are modifications that are not usually included in their home protection plan. Particularly things like the permits, upgrading of codes, discarding costs, and more. You can look up the Cinch terms and conditions section for additional info. To acquire the extra promo, they will give you 30 days to fulfill it after signing the agreement between the two of you. A home inspection will be conducted after 30 days which is required so that one can attain the supplementary packages.

What are the exclusions from their offered plans?

Cinch will cover the damages caused by the rust or corrosion, and offer services to the residences such as single-family homes, condos, and townhouses not more than 10 years of existence.

Items that are excluded from their home services plan

1.For Air conditioning heating and ductwork, they don’t include well pump, outside piping, refrigerant lines, window units, water towers, chillers including components, water lines, fuel storage tanks, fireplaces, portable heating units.

2. For central vacuum, the removable part of hoses and accessories, access and closing costs to floors, walls, and ceilings were not included.

3. For the electrical system, the wiring and other relevant things to audio/visual/intercom/alarm/security systems, overload protection, and faceplates were excluded.

4. For the garage door opener, the door-to-door track assemblies, its cables, and springs.

5. In terms of plumbing, blockages that are caused by the damaged drains, outside lines, costs to locate and install cleanouts, fees for specialized cleaning, bathtubs, sinks, showers, toilet lids and seats, caulking or grouting, septic tanks, water softener, water filtration system, storage tanks, saunas, steam rooms are also dismissed by their offered plan services.

6. For water heaters, they do not include storage tanks and conservation of energy units.

When Cinch provides a substitute, they do not usually replace it with the same color, dye, lot, or even in material because maybe it’s hard to find the same one. Furthermore, Cinch will not pay for any removal of defective equipment or disposal of refrigerant.

Selecting your cinch home service plan

There are three home warranty plans Cinch offers to its customers. These plans will choose between a $100, $125, or $150 service fee. If you have bigger deductions, you can have smaller the fees for your monthly or yearly premium. In this section, you can view the different warranty plans for you to avail yourself of. According to the home service trial run we know which is located in Austin, Texas, a Cinch Appliances plan ranges from $34.99-$44.99 monthly or $419.88-$539.88 annually. When it comes to their Built-in System plan, the price varies from $39.99-$51.99 for a monthly plan, and $479.88-$623.88 for the annual plan. Meanwhile, the Complete Home plan runs from $49.99-$61.99 monthly, and $599.88-$743.88 annually.

Submitting your request to Cinch

You can call their customer service holtine which is open 24/7. Cinch will attempt to contact you once you’ve submitted your request for the next 2 hours during business hours. If you submitted it outside the usual business hours, they’ll get back to you within the next 24 hours.

You will get into a contract with them which will cost you $10,000 but it still restricts to their plans that have individual prices too.

1. For the air conditioning and heating, the cost will be $1,500.

2. For kitchen and laundry appliances, the cost will be $2000.

3. For the swimming pools spas, the price would be $1,500.

4. For the septic tank pumping, you can avail of it for $500.

5. For the septic system, you’ll pay $1000.

6. For the good pumping, the cost would be $1,500.

7. And for their premium upgrade, it’ll cost you around $1000-$2000.

But if you buy any of their additional services within the next 180 days, Cinch’s service fee for parts and labor will be removed.

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The legitimacy of the Cinch

Cinch has been running its business for 40 years, and its 180 days service guarantee is one of its main assets to promote its business. On the contrary, while other home services were secretive and a bit of denial about their pricing, Cinch is very open to its home service pricing. They were awarded of B+ rating by the Better Business Bureau. Sadly, Cinch earned a lot of negative responses which accumulated to 3,145 grievances for the last 3 years. Most of the complaints were all about its delayed service requests and slow process of their refunds for the replacement fee of appliances or services.

The extraordinary aspect of Cinch

Their website is friendly to use and easy to navigate. You can get a recommended home service plan that suits what you need for your house, and they also offer numerous promos for their customers. They will give you a $25 that you can use to the filters of your A/C or refrigerator. They also have five free water sensors so that you’ll be able to catch sight of leaks inside your home. You are also entitled to collect the one free month of coverage that goes in when you purchase one of their home plans. They encourage their customers to give them a call, or maybe through an email for them to know if they met the criteria or not.

Customer Service

You can reach them through email or by calling them on a telephone, which is open 24/7 for immediate assistance regarding your account or to ask questions. But if you prefer to send them a message, or any concerns that you want to send via email, you can send it at

They also allow you to open your account through their website so that you can easily access your home warranty and online account. You can easily do that by:

1. Download the necessary documents.

2. Service request.

3. Review the status of your service requests.

4. You can also update your payment method and your contact information.

On their website, they also have a FAQ section that consists of all the general questions that we’re already asked by many customers and blog posts that contain useful tips on maintaining your home.

Unfortunately, Cinch doesn’t have a mobile application.

Availing a Cinch home service plan

To be eligible for their home service plan, one must live in a home where they already own it, or in the process of owning it. You can call the customer service, apply for their offered plans and give them the necessary information such as your name, where you live, and how they would be able to contact you. You can also follow the instructions that we’re stated on their website which will direct you to the available home plans after entering your email address and zip code. Cinch is available to offer its services nationwide except to Alaska and Hawaii.

Cinch will also give you a refund if you change your mind or are not satisfied with their services. The designated number of days for you to still be granted for refund is within 30 days. But if it’s more than 30 days when you realize that their service is not for you, you can still cancel it but you have to pay $25 for the processing fee.

How Does Cinch Home Services Compare?

Details Cinc Home Warranty ServicePlus Home Warranty InHome Warranty
Yearly Premium Plan $335.88-$1,163.88 $500-$650 $476–$660
Contractors 18,000 in-network In-network only (number unspecified)


15,000 in-network
Service call fee $100, $125, or $150 $75 $60
Service requests 24/7 by phone and online 24/7 online and phone 24/7 by phone


Compared to the service plan home warranty, Cinch Home Warranty plans were more inexpensive than the other plans. If you want high-quality service for your appliances coverage, you may want to choose Cinch. Meanwhile, ServicePlus would be the better option as they only require a flat $75 for their service fee.

If you would look at Cinch Home Complete coverage is going to cost you more money compared to InHome. On the other hand, InHome costs less than Cinch when it comes to its service fee. In total, InHome is better than Cinch when it comes to their offered premium plans and service fees. Nevertheless, if you want a good service that can cater to your inquiries immediately, you may opt to stay with Cinch.

What Do People Say About Cinch Home Services?

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Bottom Line

If you’re the type of person who values transparency and flexibility when it comes to choosing your plan, Cinch is the best option for you. For California residents, these plans were beneficial because of their affordability. Cinch’s 180-day service guarantee is no doubt their big asset, and you can even cancel your contract without fees for the next 30 days from the starting date of your agreement. They have a costly service fee, and so the people should be able to look for the plans the Cinch has to offer. You can tell them your request and within a few hours, a customer service representative will contact you to assist you regarding your concerns.

Get started now, visit Cinch Home Services.

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