5 Reasons Why Home Warranties Worth It 5 Reasons Why Home Warranties Worth It

5 Reasons Why Home Warranties Worth It

5 Reasons Why Home
Warranties Worth It

February 01, 2022

We protect what we love! It is human nature to make every bit of an effort to protect something as precious as their home, their abode. And one of the main reasons why people buy home warranties is to help them protect their home and cover the basic cost of home maintenance which otherwise can be really taxing. So, whether one of your kitchen appliances stopped working or your swimming pool needs repairing, a good home warranty plan can save you hundreds of dollars by repairing or replacing the item against a small service call fee. But not many people understand this importance of a home warranty company or how much it helps you save your hard earned money. In fact, a larger number of new homeowners keep asking one main question to almost all home warranty companies – “Is it really worth to purchase a home warranty?”

The answer to this question is very complex, especially without understanding the functioning of a home warranty company, the coverage it offers and the special offers provided. In simpler words, a home warranty can help you save money especially under circumstances which otherwise may cost you thousands. However, whether or not the home warranty plan is good for depends largely on your house, its age, the appliances and systems used and their age and also the home warranty plan you choose for securing your home.

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Before you choose a home warranty company based on their services and plans, make sure that you ask yourself these questions first:

  1. What does a home warranty company cover and how will it save you money?
  2. Is there any other alternative cost for supporting the house maintenance cost?
  3. Have you faced any situation until now which made you think about buying a home warranty?
  4. Should you buy a home warranty plan?
  5. Which home warranty company is the best for your needs?


What Does A Home Warranty Company Cover And How Will It Save You Money?

Before you consider whether or not a home warranty company is worth it for you, you need to first understand what a home warranty is, how it functions and the different variables that play an important role in making sure that your home warranty plan is worth it for your home.

Home Warranty – A home warranty is nothing but a service contract that provides its customers a promise to repair selected list of appliances and home systems when they malfunction. Against this promise, you need to pay a fixed about of money each year (also called as premium) to the company. Apart from the annual premium, you must also pay a service call fee to the company each time you place a claim.

Home warranties help their customers save money in two different ways:

  • You receive more than what you actually pay. In mere words, the total amount you pay the home warranty company for its service and replaced items will be comparatively a very small amount in comparison to what you would otherwise have to pay directly from your pocket.
  • With the help of a good home warranty company and plan, you will enjoy a much stable financial life.

However, how much your home warranty company covers your repairs and replacements entirely depends on a few crucial factors. And this is why you need to understand home warranty services to its depth before you buy a home warranty plan for your home.

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Is There Any Other Alternative Cost For Supporting The House Maintenance Cost?

Home warranty companies offer coverage to a wide variety of appliances and systems. In general, the cost of repairing your vacuum may cost you somewhere around $105 to $407, depending on the fault, while the cost of replacement comes to around $1.2K to $2.1K. Similarly for a heating system, the cost of repair ranges between $132 and $454, while replacing the heating system or a part of the system may cost you between $2.6K and $6.1K.

In short, the maintenance cost of your home appliances and system without a home warranty plan can simply put a big dent in your savings. In fact, according to the survey reports of 2018, performed by Fool.com, an average American spends around $5,000 on home repair and improvement. It is however not clear how much money was actually spent on home repair and how much was spent on home improvements. But it is clear as crystal that home maintenance is an expensive issue in USA and if you live in a house that is big with a variety of home appliances and systems, it is important that you consider the power that home warranty holds in keeping your home function smoothly.


Have You Faced Any Situation Until Now Which Made You Think About Buying A Home Warranty?

Do you really Need a home warranty? Need being the word in question here. Buying a home warranty is an option you can choose based on your requirements. There are many people who do not have a home warranty and don’t see the need to buy it. While, there are also people who choose to buy a home warranty to cover their appliances and systems with the help of a good home warranty service. So, check your needs and understand the concept of home warranties before you make your decision.

Should You Buy A Home Warranty Plan?

Buying a home warranty is a good choice especially if you know how much money you may have to spend in repairing your appliances and home systems without a home warranty cover. Also, you may buy a home warranty if you have a good understanding of the terms and conditions of the home warranty companies.

  • If you choose to buy a home warranty service, make sure you check the list of appliances and home systems covered by their different policies.
  • Also check their coverage limit for individual appliances.
  • Check the annual premium cost and the deductible
  • Check the background of the company and make sure they are reliable.

Once you have checked these pointers and find the answers satisfying, you may choose to buy a home warranty service.

Which Home Warranty Company Is The Best For Your Needs?

Now that you have finally decided to buy a home warranty service, it gets important that you choose only the best home warranty company for covering your home appliances and system.

With multiple home warranty companies in the market, it gets important that you do a deep research about each company before making your decision. Compare the different home warranty companies for their services, availability, trustworthiness, policies and plans offered, premiums, deductibles, etc. to get a clear idea about the best home warranty companies. Choose the company that satisfies all your needs and promises to offer you the best support in maintaining your home appliances and systems.

With these questions answered, we hope you have found enough reasons to understand whether buying a Home Warranty is really worth it or not!